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October 21, 2010
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Spirit Day::Gone Purple by zananeichan Spirit Day::Gone Purple by zananeichan

Spirit Day::Gone Purpleby zananeichan

Community Projects / Awareness / 2010 / Spirit Day©2010-2014 zananeichan
Spirit Day::Gone Purple
Here I used my own photo with me originally as the green elf, being a green elfy the opposite of green on the colour wheel is actually purple, which is my favourite colour.


I have decided to be part of this event on deviantart as I have survived through several suicide attempts in the past from abuse, emotional, physical and sexual in the past in regards to my being in sexual and gender orientation.

There on my back you see my scar which remains. Though I have been healed, bones, spinal chord as well(thanks to the Elohim), but the scar remains as a reminder to what abuse can do to someone. Abuse causes people to go to the extreme, so Here I am alive today, my back not 100% as it used to be but I survived, but many people never survived, in a sense when someone abuses someone, physically emotionally and sexually in regards to there being and uniqueness, I would classify it as murder. As everyone should be helping and loving one another not harming, criticizing and making people's lives hell on this planet, but together we can make it heaven as ONE
Much Love and huggles

Planet stock: :iconresurgere:
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OutlawStudios Nov 20, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
great pic Zana!!! love the purple!!!!
zananeichan Nov 20, 2010
Its a pleasure and thank you, yes I love it as well :heart: :hug: :love:
Opal-Scorpio Nov 4, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Beautiful, Zana! I still have scars on my wrists and ankles from questioning my sexuality. I did call the Trevor Project though, if you know who they are, and they helped me a lot.
Power to the queers!! :heart: :heart:
zananeichan Nov 4, 2010
aww ((huggles)) I know how it feels :heart: Much Love and huggles :heart: :love:
*thumbs up* !!!
zananeichan Oct 28, 2010
Thank you very much :heart: :hug: :love: :heart: :cuddle:
Glad you have such a positive outlook on life, the fact that you survived, that's great. I'm glad you survived too as someone who has had a similar past with abuse I can relate. Life only is what you make it :).
zananeichan Oct 24, 2010
Thank you very much, everyone has there ups and downs and sometimes being positive is rather hard, but people should not make life unbearable for others. Thank you, I can say I was lucky. Yes very much so, Life is , when looking at the Universe and Infinity, there is so much more about life that is meaningful than the problems created by spec size of people in comparison to the vastness of space :heart:
Lathellen Oct 21, 2010
:hug: I am glad you have survived :) and yes, abuse of any kind if horrible. It sickens me to know people can go that low.
zananeichan Oct 24, 2010
Thank you very much , it is rather horrible and it cant go on like this , repeating itself over through history :hug: It does sicken me as well how they can go so low. :heart:
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