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May 20, 2010
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Gender Orientation by zananeichan Gender Orientation by zananeichan
I decided to put this here since deviantart has censored sharing links from my website in comments, and saying they are spam..

Transgendered (TG):

The term encapsulates the Gender Variants and Others who are not Gender Variant. But may border each other or an individual may appear as one. Or the individual may later discover themselves as a Gender Variant along there life journey.

Transgender is an encapsulation term that groups these various groups, mostly for ethical, logical and security reasons of the transgendered individual. The terms relate to gender identity and other gender variants. Some may disagree with me that some individuals may not fit in the encapsulation, but may border the boundaries of the encapsulated term. This is in regards to gender identity, and the correct term should be “gender variants”, and transgender should encapsulate those who are undergoing transition, or started transition, or in-between the process of transitioning or have completed there transition.

Please note that the boundaries between the groups overlap each other; but the distinct cores are separate, since there is no real black from white. Individuals may jump up and down through the parts in a specific time in there life time until they found the perfect niche. Imagine the groups next to each other and bonding into each other like electron shell orbitals of atoms and the individuals move through like the electrons. The following groups that fit in Transgender are:

Transsexual (TS):

Tula, A James Bond Girl(Part of Gender Variant)

A transsexual is an individual who is born one gender but there mind is another. They are not comfortable with the gender identity role that society laid out for them; based upon there body and what identifies them the wrong gender between there legs. Transsexuals feel trapped and encaged within the wrong gendered bodies they were identified as during birth. They feel they are imprisoned in there own bodies and they often feel distressed and battle through life unless they alter there body to fit there mind.

This is done by replacing there hormones with the correct ones and undergo gender reassignment surgery. They are aware of there identity and that there minds do not fit with there bodies at any point in childhood. The majority make the final decision during puberty when they undergo uncomfortable bodily changes during the puberty phase.

There are many types of Transsexuals within the border of transsexuality. Some may have traces of Intersexuality or be intersexed. The transsexual term may encapsulate or cover the intersexed term, and the individual would be called an Intersexed Transsexual. Some may be male to female, where others female to male transforming transsexuals and each transsexual will be in a different physical state during the different stages of transitioning. Some may have different sexual orientations, such as a girl male to female transsexual, could be straight as a normal girl going out with men. Another may be lesbian going out with other girls (other ts-girls or naturally born girls), and so it’s the opposite with male to female transsexuals. Statistically speaking there are more Male to Female transsexuals than there are Female to Male transsexuals planet-wide.

Intersexuality (Intergendered):

(Part of Gender Variant)

Are those who are formerly called or biologically called Hermaphrodites and Pseudohermaphrodites. It’s a group that encapsulates these biological terms ethically. Intersexuality may not be a completely a part of these two groups, since an individual may be proved to be Intersexed if there DNA does not reveal the Y chromosome. True hermaphrodites are Intersexed individuals that are born with fully functional gender organs and also there minds are somewhere in-between male and female. These individuals are extremely rare.

Then other Hermaphrodites are those born with both fully functional gender organs but there brains may either be male or female and not in-between. Then Pseudohermaphrodites are those with ambiguous gender organs. These people are recommended to stay untouched and only surgically corrected by the person who owns them and decides there fate. NOT by there parents or doctors, and this group prefers to be called Intersexed/Intergendered rather than Hermaphrodites. The choice of surgery is based on the individual rather than the doctor and parents as they may make a mistake by not knowing the true gender identity of the individual. Many undergo Gender Reassignment Surgery to fit there bodies with there gender identities, and may undergo other treatment the same as the Transsexual.


(True to call a Ladyboy) (Part of Gender Variant)

Shemales are a group of people preferably male to female transgenders. Who go halfway in a transition of a transsexual and stop at a point where they closely resemble a hermaphrodite. There brains may be both gendered or completely opposite to that of there bodies. This is the correct term to that fits a Ladyboy. These individuals are comfortable in the gender haze of ambiguity leaning a bit towards of being a woman. Some may earn a living from this choice trough adult sites and videos. Some may not necessarily be part of this group, but are labelling themselves as such to get income in order to transition and these antagonistic individuals should fall in the Transsexual category. This category should be termed for those who are comfortable being a he-she. These individuals live and dress in there gender identity role, but prefer to keep there bodies closely resembling a hermaphrodite female.


(Part of Gender Variant)

These are like the Shemales, but the term sounds less adult like and less discriminating, and These are the Katoi of Thailand. Katois do shows of singing and drama on stage in traditional Katoi clothing or modern female clothing, revealing there femininity. They are also looking strongly feminine in appearance. These are not transvestites, but border between Transsexuals and Transvestites with the shemales. Then again it can be argued that Ladyboys could encapsulate early transitioning transsexuals and shemales. Some like to appear as female hermaphrodites, but others want to transition to be female, and use the show business to make them afford the transition.

Transvestites (TV):

(Not Part, but some may be part of Gender Variant at borderline levels)

Not to be confused with Cross Dressers, but they border with and blend into the Cross Dressers. These individuals are not part of the Gender Variant in biological terms, but fit in the Transgender Capsule. They are full time (24 hours a day, 365 days a year and so on) dressing up and playing the role of the opposite gender to that they were born as. They often use this for stage shows. They appear more masculine than the shemales and Ladyboys. They do not wish to transition or undergo Gender reassignment surgery. Or do not wish to undergo any surgery to even make there bodies appear in the middle of genders or resemble a female hermaphrodite. Some however may look strikingly stronger towards there play-role gender and border between the average transvestite and the Ladyboy. Some wear the opposite gender's clothes for sexual fetish reasons or they are gay but are full time "Queens" in the gay world, it its arguable that some may not be gay at all, and some may be Bisexual. Some just dress up the opposite gender just because they are comfortable, but do not wish to go more to the opposite gender, than just dressing up. Drag Queens are encapsulated in this group. More or less; Drag Queens are stage show people who are part of the gay community and they are Transvestites. Drag Queens often enter feminine looking gay pageants.

Cross Dressers (CD).

(Not Part of Gender Variant, but it is argued if it is or not part of Transgenders with in the transgender community, but technically speaking it is put in the capsule, but logically speaking it shouldn't be in the Capsule, this one is odd like an excited electron, hops in and out of the Transgendered Capsule, like jumping up and down the energy levels)

This group are mostly men who are afraid to wear the opposite gender's clothing in the public eye, and may only do so when there are occasions where it is acceptable such as cross-dress parties and social functions. The majority cross dress mainly because it is a sexual fetish. These individuals are in the closet. They may dress up at night within there own homes and browse the web in dodgy places looking for others like them or go to clubs suited for this thing, these often have a bisexual based orientation or part of the gay community.

Female Impersonators

(Not Part of Transgenders)

These individuals only dress up to there opposite gender in order play the part in a play, movie or even dress up and act as a singer of the opposite gender. Allot of William Shakespeare's actors in the past are good examples of Female Impersonators. You get temporary ones, like only play once in a specific play, and you get permanent ones where one person is hired to play various female parts in plays and shows. This is regardless of the sexual orientation of the person. In other words, they are either gay/lesbian, straight of bisexual, and there sexual orientation has nothing to do what they do.

Gender Benders/Androgynes/Etc's as they move away from TG encapsulation.

(Possibly part of Gender Variants and Transgenders, depending on certain aspects)

Are male or females who challenge gender boundaries between male and female. The group of gender benders may blend into the transvestites, cross dresses and Ladyboy - shemale types as there outer and final boundary. However they may consist a group of people whish to be neither male or female resembling the appearance of a hermaphrodite and fully sexually orientated as bisexual, gay/lesbian or neither such as an asexual (sexual orientation term) individual, and wishes to desire no sex at all, but may have sexual fantasies in private or may be sexually inactive with no feelings at all, where others are the extreme opposite.

Androgynes (Waiting for an update from an Androgyne)

Androgynes are an unusual group of people who more or less stay in the middle, blending into the intersexed ring of my graph and in the transgender ring of my graph. Some may consider surgical solutions to fit there minds with there true gender that is being both (hermaphrodite like). The Androgynes my include the "True hermaphrodite" if they are lucky and they completely in the middle of the balance between male and female. More awareness and study is needed for them, as they are to also transgendered. Some may have an asexual orientation, others bisexual or some single out there sexual orientation to a specific gender , either male or female or an androgyne like themselves or an androgyne with a different shift in a specific slide towards male or towards female. Androgynes may equally have a gender orientation of being both male and female, or include both but lean towards the masculine side or the feminine side depending on the individual.

A graphical Display of Gender Orientation Diversity

So with all of these the diversity is huge with lots of grey areas and confusion for the masses who often mix up gender orientation with sexual orientation, but they can be related and then they are unrelated, since the brain is gendered as well as the body. I have drawn a basic rough graph which is sort of like an elliptic paraboloid, but the formula is not exactly that, since it is logarithmic, not just a 3D parabola, and I did not go this far in maths. I would appreciate it if someone can derive a correct formula, since the plain paraboloid is only a very crude estimate.

Here is a 3D graph to represent the gender orientations and the sexual orientations of the human population in total, since they are diverse, and the graph is able to display the diversity clearly. Please note that the gender orientation line consists of (gender identity and gender at birth) grouped together in a total on its own. Click the graph if you find the gif hard to look at, it would display the image in a .jpg format version in a new page.

The shape of the graph is based on very rough estimates, if the world's population, gender orientation, sexual orientation were put in real time, the shape would appear "bowl" shaped but irregular . The bowl shape to along its surface may appear to have hills, mountains and valleys. The estimate bowl shape was derived from various normal 2D exponential/logarithmic graphs for each separate thing. The starting point is at the centre at the standard called "True hermaphrodite", and more than a million paths start of from this point and continue up to infinity. If the population rises, the bowl would stretch, and form more of a test-tube shape, but also with the centre of the bowl lift higher from the "ground". The bowl never touches the ground, since it would be undefined. The bowl will never close into a sphere, then it to would become undefined.

The term True Hermaphrodite according to the graph is a person who was born with fully functional gender organs, there brain gender consists of male and female, resulting in an ultra-centred gender orientation and the sexual orientation has to be a complete bisexual orientation. This is a constant, where the paths start from. Also take note that a person may not be static within the graph, but are constantly moving, left, right, backwards and forwards along there plain in the population. They may be moving small steps, or large leaps, at any point in there lifetime while alive. It only becomes static if they die. So each person is a dynamic point in the graph while alive.

The Gender Diversity Graph, click for a better view.

The formula for the graph is still very crude and needs to be refined since its logarithmic , but an elliptic paraboloid is as far as my knowledge goes: z = x2 + y2

Where: z = population,

x = sexual orientation numbers

y = gender orientation numbers
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zananeichan Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2010
Thank you very much :heart: :hug: :love: the reason is because it were regular it would be 2D and not 3D in diversity which is gender orientation and identity is rather quantum :heart: :hug: On average it is possible and some straights do not wish to admit they are gay... because of discrimination.
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